Simultaneous viewing of images, shooting location on the map, camera orientation at the time of shooting, geographic coordinates, direction of shooting and accuracy of these parameters, objects of augmented reality on the screen of the communicator.
Distribution of GeoPhotos, reports and GeoObjects among projects.
The free version allows to create not more than three projects.

Using this information you can share your photos of an object or a place with your friends, colleagues or employees, as well as determine location of the photographed objects and estimate distance to them. An automatically generated GeoCam Report in PDF format allows to present full information about a photo in a convenient and visual way and send it to the recipient by email.

The camera mode is optimised for creating geophotos. An additional layer appears in the shooting mode which displays the camera orientation, geographic coordinates and objects of augmented reality in real-time. Sensor accuracy control while creating a GeoPhoto. The size of the square frame adjusts depending on the accuracy of the inquired sensors. The smaller the size of the frame, the higher the accuracy.

Geocam Report (pdf-file or jpeg-file) contains an image, a map with a shooting location marker and camera orientation data, a scale value, an address and coordinates of shooting location, the author's name, the date and time of shooting (both local and global), the names and descriptions of objects, the names, descriptions, area and perimeter of polygons - integration of objects. PRO: Multipage report (pdf. file or jpeg. file).

'GeoObject' is an object of augmented reality having its georeference or way point. A GeoObject can be taken with a photocamera or created in GeoObject-editing mode and subsequently saved to GeoPhoto.
The free version allows to create not more than three GeoObjects per project.
The gallery of filters allows to create, view and edit filters. The free version allows to create not more than three filters.

Editing of report. Gallery of reports with main features(view, edit, send, delete).

Editing of geographic coordinates and camera orientation parameters. Integration of GeoObjects into polygons, calculation of their area and perimeter.

Filters are intended to automatically distribute created GeoPhotos and GeoObjects among the projects and filter these objects within a project.

Editing of GeoObjects. Gallery of GeoObjects with main features (use, edit, send, delete).

Logo selection. In order to add your logo you should copy the image in the Apps directory and choose it from the list of logos in settings. The image should have jpg file extension, the name should start with “logo” (for example logo1, logo_2, logo 3, logoSITIS, , etc.).

Selection of the type of GeoObject. Select a column or a pin as an object of augmented reality.

Camera Settings allows you to select GeoPhoto size and quality, and adjust flash and focus modes.

Simple Settings allow to setup parameters of the marker: number of grid steps and grid step length, enter the author’s name, e-mail address, Flickr and Facebook accounts, and identify geolocation.

Settings for comments for report. Descriptions of GeoObjects and polygons can be added to the comment for a report.

Automatic upload of images and reports to the networked resource using created WiFi connections.